Steven A. Hammer

Steven misting a Mesemb

Steven Hammer has done extensive work on several of the genera Mesembryanthemaceae, but has concentrated, over a period of twelve years, on his research on Conophytum. He has travelled extensively in the regions in which conophytums are to be found, and has unearthed several new taxa. His book "The Genus Conophytum" brought order to the previous taxonomic chaos in which the genus, by virtue of its size and bewildering diversity, has existed.

He is regarded internationally as one of the foremost authority on the mesembs and the foremost authority on Conophytum. He maintains probably the largest collection of mesembs at his home. His extensive articles on Conophytum and other mesemb genera, published in the society's journal, ALOE, the journal of the Mesemb Study Group (UK) and in other international succulent plant journals, are well known.

He is in demand internationally as a lecturer on the subject of mesembs. A research fellow at the University of Cape Town, he has been responsible for the official description of over fifty new species of succulents and has discovered many more. He holds a B.A. from the University of California at Santa Cruz and lives in Vista, California.


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