Lithops books

Wild Lithops   
TitleWild Lithops

Publisher  Klaus Hess Verlag
AuthorHarald Jainta
ISBN-13978-3-933117-93-9 (America, Asia, Europe, 85 € + postage)
978-99916-57-41-7 (Southern Africa)
Info.September 2017, English, 488 pages (21 x 29.7 cm) hardcover, 1998 col. + 60 b/w photos, 13 maps, 14 tables and 10 diagrams, more information

This 488-pages unique monograph of the genus Lithops features all 91 currently accepted species from a field research perspective and provides a valuable guide to Lithops in their natural surroundings. 2000 colour habitat photographs and 13 typographic maps illustrate Lithops relationships, diversity and distribution in Southern Africa and a new simplified taxonomy is suggested. 60 portraits and related biographic information honour the dedicated work of past and present Lithoparians. A thorough review of published botanic and scientific data on Lithops plus a comprehensive annotated bibliography including over 700 references make this book a benchmark for plant lovers, succulent breeders and specialists of the unparalleled Living Stones.

Mesembs, mehr als nur Lithops   
mehr als nur Lithops

Publisher  Books on Demand GmbH Norderstedt
AuthorAchim Hecktheuer
Info.2008, 143 pages (17.1 × 22.0 cm), 325 col. photos (85 Lithops), 2 col. + 164 b/w maps, contents,
selling price: EUR 16.95

SUCCULENTES Les Lithops   
TitleSUCCULENTES Spécial 2008
Les Lithops

Publisher  AIAPS (now Terra seca)
AuthorsDesmond T. Cole & Naureen A. Cole, Uwe Beyer, Yves Delange
Info.2008, special issue in French + English/Spanish, 48 pages (16.5 × 23.6 cm), 473 col. photos, 3 maps, Contents: Some general facts about the genus Lithops; Lithops – Habitats and Variation; Cultivation of Lithops

The organization AIAPS and its journal Succulentes were closed in December 2008. Now the journal Terra seca continues in the same way, not in Monaco as previously but in France, with the same purpose of Cacti, succulentes and plants from dry environments, and with the same team.

LITHOPS Flowering Stones   
Flowering Stones

Publisher  Cactus & Co. Libri
AuthorDesmond T. Cole & Naureen A. Cole
ISBN88-900511-7-5 (2,000 English copies)
88-900511-8-3 (1,000 Italian copies)
Info.2005, 368 pages (20.7 × 29.5 cm), 644 col. + 5 b/w photos, 3 col. + 85 b/w drawings, 7 maps, 98 habitat photos, contents

The Genus Lithops   
TitleThe Genus Lithops

Publisher  Dobun Shoin
AuthorYasuhiko Shimada
Info.2001, 240 pages (19 × 26.5 cm), 437 col. photos, 1 b/w map, contents

Lithops - Lebende Steine   
TitleLithops – Lebende Steine
Praktische Anleitung für die Zimmerkultur

Publisher  BussinessPoint MEDIA
AuthorBernd Schlösser
Info.2000, 126 pages (12.5 × 19 cm), 80 col. photos, 2 b/w drawings, contents

Lithops – Treasures of the veld   
TitleLithops – Treasures of the veld

Publisher  British Cactus and Succulent Society
AuthorSteven A. Hammer
ISBN0-902-099-64-7 (Softbound Edition)
0-902-099-59-0 (Hardbound Edition)
ISBN-13978-0-902099-64-7 (Softbound Edition)
978-0-902099-59-3 (Hardbound Edition)
Info.1999, 148 pages (18.3 × 24.8 cm), 229 col. + 3 b/w photos, 1 drawing, contents

Lithops 2nd Edition 2010 by Steven A. Hammer

Lithops – Flowering Stones   
TitleLithops – Flowering Stones

Publisher  Acorn Books CC
AuthorDesmond T. Cole
ISBN0-620-09678-0 (Standard Edition)
0-620-09679-9 (Collectors' Edition)
ISBN-13978-0-620-09678-2 (Standard Edition)
978-0-620-09679-9 (Collectors' Edition)
Info.1988, 254 pages (19.5 × 25.3 cm), 323 col. + 3 b/w photos, 35 drawings, contents

Lithops – lebende Steine   
TitleLithops – lebende Steine

Publisher  Neumann Verlag
AuthorRudolf Heine
Info.1986, 176 pages (15 × 22 cm), 95 col. photos, 26 b/w drawings, contents


Publisher  Associated University Presses, Inc.
AuthorDavid L. Sprechman
Info.1970, 116 pages (24.4 × 32 cm), 323 col. + 16 b/w photos, 1 b/w drawing, 1 b/w map, contents


Publisher  Hortors Limited, South Africa
AuthorGert Cornelius Nel
Info.1946, 178 pages (18 × 25 cm), contents,
scanned book (PDF, 53 MB), searchable book (PDF, 26 MB)