Lithops – Treasures of the Veld


Mammon and Enthusiasm, Entwined; A Little History7
Coles to Newcastle, and Other Colonialists10
Whittling Down Data10
Lithops at Home11
Map Rap18
A Type Locality Map20
Hide and Seek22
Dry as a Stone23
After Many a Summer …23
Collection, Conservation, and Discovery26
The Bad Seed?26
Colour Visions and Thoroughbreds27
Growing Lithops28
Light in August31
Truth in Packaging31
Pollination, Patience, and the Fuller Fuller Brush-Man33
Seed-Raising and Racing34
Ease and Disease35
Transmantled Beauties36
Lithops and Their Lineage37
Taxing Taxonomy, or, Order in the Hort38
Descriptions and Proscriptions42
A Note on the Photographs45
Terms and Endearments45
Author (Author)47
The Species48
Appendix 1 - Mysteries and Fantasies of the Lithosphere115
Appendix 2 - Agony Column, or, Ask Mabel116
Appendix 3 - The Brief Case of L. halenbergensis Tischer   118
Appendix 4.1 - A Bare Bones Species List119
Appendix 4.2 - A Pruned Synonymy120
Appendix 4.3 - A Chronology123
Appendix 5 - N.E. Brown´s Lihops Collection125
Appendix 6 - Dr. Geyer´s 1951 lecture128
Appendix 7 - Notes on Two New Cultivars132
Appendix 8 - Seed Size in Lithops133
Appendix 9 - A Key to Lithops by Jonathan Y. Clark135
Bibliography and References141
Sources of Lithops147
Happily Ever Afterword148